600 Commerce Dr, Roseville Ca  (916) 791-1262

Trainer:  Ben Becker

 B.S. Commercial Fitness Management

A.S. Foods & Nutrition

Certified Fitness Trainer, ISSA

Certified Fitness Nutritionist, NESTA

Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist, ISSA

Certifies Speed, Agility, & Quickness Trainer, NESTA

Certified Performance Cycling Trainer 










Virtual Reality Spin


These Vidoes are also available for purchase to do in your own home

Click here to purchase for download: https://spin-fitvr.myshopify.com/

Click here to purchase on DVD: https: https://ebay.com/usr/ben-a-fit     

Do you want to burn mega calories while improving your indurance and cardiovascular fitness?  Spinning is a great choice because it is low impact, easy on your joints, a great cardiovascular workout, and nothing burns more calories.  An average 45 min spin class can burn over 700 calories.  Additionally, an intense spin workot will increase your metabolism for up to 14 hours.  Plus, spinning is much more fun and energizing than the traditional boring cardio like the treadmill or elliptical.I heard so many complaints from my clients who were going to their gym to do spin, that I realized I had to bring spin to Ben-a-fit.  Most gyms offer only a few spin class times a week, and you have to get their 30-60 min early in the hopes of getting an available bike.  So, I decided to bring instructorless virtual reality spin to Ben-a-fit.  Without an instructor I can offer many class times so you can come burn as many additional calories as you want, and you don't have to come early in hopes of getting a bike.  I also wanted to create an experience like nothing else.  With the darker room, giant screen, and surround sound will make you feel like you are on a disneyland ride.  The fully instructed videos will take you step by step through the entire workout with on screen instructions.  Also, I rotate many different videos so you can experience different rides so you don't get bored with the same ride.   You will only find these workout videos at Ben-a-fit, no one else has them.





             1 workout = $6

         10 workout punch card = $35 ( $3.50 per )


          Classe Schedule 

             I always have spin going during Boot Camp time - Mon, Wed, and                            Friday at 5 & 6 pm and Sunday at 8am    

             I am at the studio most of  the day durning the week, so you can come in                and spin at  your convenience.  To make sure I am here to set it up for                    you,  call me at  ( 916) 791-1262 or text me at ( 916 ) 712 - 2640.