600 Commerce Dr, Roseville Ca  (916) 791-1262

Trainer:  Ben Becker

 B.S. Commercial Fitness Management

A.S. Foods & Nutrition

Certified Fitness Trainer, ISSA

Certified Fitness Nutritionist, NESTA

Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist, ISSA

Certifies Speed, Agility, & Quickness Trainer, NESTA

Certified Performance Cycling Trainer 










  Personal Training

Ben-a-fit was designed to give you the best personal training experience possible.  With personal training we can tailor your workout to your specific goals.  Because it is done in our private non-intimidating fully equipped studio, there are no distractions.  You will find that you will also get a much more efficient workout than you could ever get at the gym.   There is no waiting for equipment, so you can get more done and burn more calories than you could in the same

 amount of time at the gym.  Also, with personal training we will keep track of your body measurements, weight,  workouts, and food intake in one of our journals. 


Personal Training Rates

1 session = $50

10 sessions = $400 ( $40 per )

Training sessions must be purchased at Ben-a-fit Personal Training


For those who live near Ben-a-fit Personal Training and do private personal training can add on the online training software. With private personal training you are already getting a custumized program and your stats logged.  With this add on your workouts and stats will be logged and tracked with the software, and you will have access to everything with the app.  Your trainer can also program off day workouts for you to do.  Also, if you or your trainer is out of town your trainer can program workouts for you to do with instructional videos.  For those who want to add nutrition can just use the amazing free nutriton software MyFitness Pal and sink it with this online training software.  Need more help, just ask your trainer.                                                                                                         

Online Training add on to Personal Training = $20/month  

Click on link for more details & to purchase:  https://www.ben-a-fitmobile.com