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Trainer:  Ben Becker

 B.S. Commercial Fitness Management

A.S. Foods & Nutrition

Certified Fitness Trainer, ISSA

Certified Fitness Nutritionist, NESTA

Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist, ISSA

Certifies Speed, Agility, & Quickness Trainer, NESTA

Certified Performance Cycling Trainer 










Boot Camp

Fitness Boot Camp

The Ultimate Group Training Workout

Nobody does Boot camp like Ben-a-fit. Some Boot camps are done at a local park where you have weather restrictions and limited equipment available. Others are done at your local gym in the aerobics room with very limited equipment, and everyone just does very basic exercises along with the instructor. Ben-a-fit Boot Camp is done inside the Ben-a-fit Personal Training studio and is more like group personal training. The entire studio is set up with assignments for everyone to complete and record, and you can go at your own pace and adjust to your fitness level.  We have the best tools available set up to make the most complete group workout. Ben-a-fit Boot Camp uses a large variety of tools to maximize results. We use barbells, dumbbells, Hammer Strength Machines, cable machines, pullup bars, pushup handles, TRX suspension trainers, Dynamax medicine balls, sled, tractor tires, high step runner - simulates running through tires, kettlebells, conditioning ropes, and much more.  I think that you will agree you will not find a better overall group fitness class anywhere.

Every Boot Camp is a little different, but each class during the week is a complete full body workout. Every Mon, Wed, Fri we do a lot of strength training with some cardio.  So, whether you come to 1 or all 3 of the weekly classes you are getting a full body workout. Sunday is a great bonus workout , we don't do much strength training. We do a lot of plyometrics, and throw some other things in the mix like conditioning ropes, tires, sleds, ball throws, ect. Those of you who do strength training durning the week with either Boot Camp, personal training, or on your own, can throw Sunday Boot Camp into the mix to give you the most complete crosstraining exercise prgram.



The first workout is free

1 workout = $12

10 workout Punch Card =$85 ($8.50 per)

Punch card can be used whenever you want, no expiration dates.

You can just show up to any class time and give it a try.

Boot Camp Card's are only sold at Ben-a-fit Personal Training Studio 



 Class Schedule

Mon / Wed / Fri from 5-7pm, Sunday from 8 - 9am

The workout takes about 1 hr to complete.  During the week you can start the workout anywhere between 5 - 6pm, the workout just needs to be done by 7pm.  On Sundays the workout starts at 8am. 

For those who attend the weekly Boot Camp classes can add on online training as an extra service.  The Fitness Boot Camp workouts will be added to your online training program with customized off day workout assignments for those who want additional workouts.  You can store progress pictures, chart and graph your stats and exercise performance and communicate with your trainer.  You can also schedule a free appointment every 12 weeks to perform bodyfat and meashurements.  For those who want to add nutrition can just use the amazing free nutriton software MyFitness Pal and sink it with this online training software.  Need more help, just ask your trainer.                            

Online Training add on to Boot Camp = $20/month  

Click on link for more details & to purchase:  http://www.ben-a-fitmobile.com